Highlight Students

Derwyn McDonald

Derwyn McDonald is a curious, active nine year old boy with mild autism who came to ECC for the first time this school year due to difficulties in oral communication and social interactions. He previously attended Blair Academy in Nassau and the Fox Town Primary after Hurricane Dorian where he was given educational supports.

He has an excellent memory and does well in academics; his “favorite subject is math”. His teacher reports that Derwyn has adapted well to his classroom and fits in with the other students. Since coming to ECC, he is now engaging in play with his classmates. He is eager to tell you that he “met his best friend at ECC and that they love to play on the monkey bar together”. His mother says that Derwyn always finds a friend with gentle spirits in whatever environment he is in but is pleased that he now has a friend who shares similar disabilities.

Derwyn also “loves music because drums are great” and wants to learn drums. He enthusiastically sings in the ECC choir and enjoyed participating in the ECC Believe Fundraising concert. We hope in the future to see Derwyn in our ECC Drum Circle as he becomes more comfortable with his peers and teachers.

Tequila Dawkins

Tequila Dawkins is an engaging and artistic fifteen year old female student with learning disabilities. She first came to ECC six years ago because she was having difficulty keeping up with her peers and she “needed to catch up”.

Tequila has blossomed from a shy, quiet little girl into a student who is described by her teachers as having exemplary behavior and a model for other students. Math is her biggest challenge but she enjoys reading and shows interest in learning more about the topic.

Her favorite subject is music. Tequila plays the bass guitar and the piano and was part of our performance group for the ECC Believe Fundraiser. She enjoys the creative process and likes to write stories and complete arts and craft projects, often with minimal direction from her teachers.

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